Thousands of mothers and children have experienced tremendous benefits from the program and so will you.

Each unit includes about 30 minutes of online video and exercises that teach you practical tools you can use right away. You’ll spend about 1-2 hours using the tools with your children each week. At the beginning of every unit you’ll review how your home practice went and troubleshoot any problems that came up. As you advance through the program, the “home practice” will evolve, adding new tools to your parenting toolbox while continuing to strengthen your foundational tools and make them part of your regular family routines.

Application for Waiver of Fees for eNew Beginnings Program

eNew Beginnings is happy to provide reduced or waived fees for indigent families. Please complete this form in order to apply for a waiver, email us the required documentation and we will consider your request for a waiver of fees for the eNew Beginnings Program. If your application is approved, we will send you access to the program within 48 hours.