Practical Tools for You

That Make the Difference for Your Children

As evidenced in our research funded by the National Institutes of Health (NIH), our tools focus on four building blocks of effective parenting.

  1. Positive activities that you will do with your children
  2. Listening tools to get your children to share more
  3. Effective tools to decrease your children’s misbehaviors
  4. Practical tools to protect your children from conflict with your ex-partner
Building blocks for effective parenting
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Proven Benefits when
Parents Participate

Based on evidence when parents participated in the New Beginnings Program compared to parents who did not participate in the program.

  • Both fathers and mothers report closer relationships with their children

  • Children had better adjustment up to 15 years later (Less aggression and depression in childhood and adolescence, less drug and alcohol abuse in adolescence)

  • Better school grades in adolescence

  • Fewer experienced depression in young adulthood

  • Less risky sexual behavior and higher self-esteem in adolescence

Parent Learning · Powerful Tools · Healthier Children

  • Designed to fit your lifestyle

    • 10 online units done at your own pace
    • Each unit is 30 minutes
    • Learn on your smartphone, tablet or computer
    • Optional and downloadable Parent Handbook for easy reference to the tools
  • Interactive and engaging

    • View videos that demonstrate the tools in action
    • Clear and interactive activities that help you use the tools with your children
    • Step-by-step problem-solving to help you get the most from the activities
  • Practical Tools

    • Program activities are enjoyed by mothers, fathers, and children
    • Listening tools to help your children share more.
    • Family rules to help improve your children's behavior.

The New Beginnings Program Is About Your Children

A closer family and healthier children awaits you.

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